Airtel promotes Assam’s singing sensation – Mayukh Hazarika & Laili Hazarika

An Evening of Expression – Airtel promotes Assam’s singing sensation – Mayukh & Laili Hazarika

Mayukh HazarikaA young singer from Assam, Mayukh Hazarika, steps gingerly on to the stage with his wife, Laili Hazarika in presence of the legendary Axom Ratna, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, and overwhelms the audience with his mellifluous voice at the launch of his album, ‘Sokue Jodi Kotha Koy’ at Hotel Vishwaratna in Guwahati on 5th February 2009. Mayukh a post graduate from IIM, Indore, can be easily mistaken for A.R. Rahman by his disarming smile and charming manner. Born and raised into the Hazarika gharana –– an illustrious family of several gifted artists and doyens of Asom musical world. Having seen and heard his family of musicians, most notably his father and uncle, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika sing and interact while growing up. He lost his father when he was only seven years old. His mother taught him to sing those immortal songs with the same depth of feelings and sincerity that his father once sang and became famous with. “Music when soft voices die, Vibrates in the memory”.., wrote Shelly and Mayukh relived the voice of Jayanta Hazarika once again.

The soul-touching songs sung by Mayukh and his wife Laili, filled the Guwahati air at their first-ever launch-concert of their original compositions. An accomplished singer and musician himself, Mayukh has been engaged for the past years in singing cover versions of Jayanta Hazarika’s hit songs. Virtues of simplicity and grace that make Mayukh Hazarika, the most enchanting artist of the musical world of Assam, showed up in ample evidence during the launch of his album as he effortlessly and humbly mingled around with those present.

The album titled ‘Sokue Jodi Kotha Koi’ consisting of a string of eight songs starting from “Sokue Jodi” to “Sitore Rati Bur” depicts lyricist-musician-singer- Mayukh Hazarika’s mixed feelings that he had experienced during some of the important turning points of his life. For example, the song “Sokue Jodi” was composed during the loneliness that had crept into the young singer’s life after the sad and untimely demise of his father. Some of the other songs in the album are ‘Anamika’, ‘Ritu Ahe Ritu Jae’, ‘Uri Jowa Pokhi Bure’ and ‘Prem Jodi Bhool Hoy.’ Five music arrangers have enriched and beautified the songs.

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