Dikshu – the future beckons!

Dikshu – one of the most promising artist in the Assamese music industry, started his music career in 2006 with the launch of his debut album “Champion” which was grand success and acclaimed well in the music fraternity. Born on 1st July, 1982 at Nalbari, Assam and brought up in Guwahati, he started playing table at the age of 12 taking the first steps in to the music world. Since then he has never looked back and has come a long way in establishing himself as a prominent singer. After the success of his first album, his popularity has been rising rapidly and he has travelled across Assam performing at various locations, belting out popular numbers and captivating the masses with his charismatic performances.

He believes in himself and believes his God, his Guru. He is under the guidance of Guru Karuna Sankar Thakuria of Assam for Hindustani Classical Music and Guru Kamalesh Samaniya for Voice Culture & Hindustani Classical Music. He believes that music is the only medium through which he can express his feelings and for him music is worship.

Dikshu has contributed significantly to the Assamese music industry with some of the most acclaimed hit songs. He has performed in numerous Bihu Albums like Lokhimi, Gamusha, Moromjaan, Kolija, Tora and several Assamese folk songs like Borgeet, Loko-Geet, Tukari-Geet, Jhoomur, etc. He has also featured in several modern albums like Champion, Debadaru, Hengool, Niyoror Gadhuli, Saneki, Ki Naam Di Matim and many more. Also done playback for Assamese feature films like ‘Joonda Eman Gunda’ & ‘Dhon Kuberor Dhon’ , bengali film ‘Suren Churer Chele’, Mising film ‘Aayongm Bitone Yonmom Bitone’. He has also sung in various languages like Mising, Boro, Sadri, Bengali, Hindi. Recently, Dikshu has also sung the title song of Bollywood Album named ‘Bahoon Mein’ and also the song ‘Galla Nal Galla’ from a Bollywood Movie.

Apart from singing, Dikshu has also performed in several music videos establishing himself as a versatile artiste. His recent album ‘Debodaaru’ is a showcase of his talent, where he has proved himself as a music director, composer, singer and a multifaceted personality. It has also won him the Best Popular Album and was awarded The Best Singer by Geet Music and Television Awards. Dikshu’s popularity continues to rise and we expect him to reach new heights and become one of the most acclaimed artist in the industry.

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