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Junbai Modern

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Album Type: AUDIO
Bitrate128 kbps VBR
LabelSimanta Shekhar
GenreAssamese Modern

A new Assamese modern bihu songs album, Junbai Modern is the latest release from Simanta Shekhar. A refreshing mix of Bihu songs and modern music, it is bound to captivate and thrill the young generation. Listen to sample songs, buy and download the MP3 songs at Future Sounds.

The album JUNBAI MODERN is a new experiment with Assamese folk music. Through this album, we are trying to promote a different flavor of music programming with the most popular folk tunes of Assam. All the tracks chosen in this album are already popular songs with their own identity among the folk lovers of Assam. Those compositions were sung by all the Bihu Husori teams in their performances and competitions. This music album project is dedicated to all the modern Assamese music lovers. Thanking you all .... Simanta Shekhar

 Total Tracks: 10 Duration: 38m 12s
1ChampaSimanta Shekhar5:00Junbai Modern
2Panir Logot MetekaSimanta Shekhar4:00Junbai Modern
3Dinore DintuSimanta Shekhar3:16Junbai Modern
4DhemajiSimanta Shekhar3:23Junbai Modern
5Gul NemuSimanta Shekhar2:35Junbai Modern
6Champa PhuleSimanta Shekhar3:57Junbai Modern
7Jhip JhipSimanta Shekhar3:10Junbai Modern
8Sorai PhutukolaSimanta Shekhar2:59Junbai Modern
9Aaji Jang BorotoSimanta Shekhar4:15Junbai Modern
10MBBSSimanta Shekhar5:37Junbai Modern


Track NamePlay
01 Junbai Modern - Champa
02 Junbai Modern - Panir Logot Meteka
03 Junbai Modern - Dinore Dintu
04 Junbai Modern - Dhemaji
05 Junbai Modern - Gul Nemu
06 Junbai Modern - Champa Phule
07 Junbai Modern - Jhip Jhip
08 Junbai Modern - Sorai Phutukola
09 Junbai Modern - Aaji Jang Boroto
10 Junbai Modern - MBBS

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