Joi Barua releases new single featuring Jankee – Ghoroloi Aha

Joi Barua feat Jankee - Ghoroloi Aha

Joi Barua releases ‘Ghoroloi Aha’, a debut Assamese single by singer Jankee Parekh. The song has been composed & produced by Joi Barua, lyrics by Ibson Lal Barua.

From Jankee…

Ghoroloi is one of those songs that a musician makes for himself. It was by sheer chance that Joi happened to share it with me one fine evening. To say that I loved it would be a gross understatement! Like any hungry artiste, I asked Joi to let me sing it despite being fully aware that a Gujarati girl was asking to sing an Assamese song! Thank God, common sense didn’t prevail and Joi actually saw some merit in the entire idea! And now we are here with the song!

Special mention for Ibson Lal Baruah who has written the wonderfully quirky lyrics and who has been such a great help in getting my pronunciations correct! “Barhe Ador”, Ibson da!

Big thank you to my gang of buoys behind this debut effort – Ajay Singh (Video direction), Ayush Das (Cinematograpghy), Sudeesh Nair (Choreography), Isla (Post production) & Yana Ngoba (Styling)

This one is for my special love for all things Assamese!

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