NE Buddy Can Sing – Musical Talent Hunt in North-East

NE Buddy Can Sing - Musical Talent HuntNorth East is a virgin orchard of talent. The Seven Sisters with their Small Brother conceals the numerous hidden treasure within the hills and the valleys and the plains. This is an effort to bring together the echoes from the hills with the rhythm of the springs and waterfalls and present to the world, the treasure, under the single largest platform.

The concept “NE Buddy Can Sing”, on its first season will try to reach each and every corner of the North East and pluck the best of the talented singers and present to the world through an unique album featuring the nature nurtured talents by our associate partner “Madhuban Creation”, under the Music Direction of the Famous Music Director, Composer Duo from the South Indian Music Industry, Mr. E. R. Vinay & Mr. Ravi Basur. Also one male and one female singer will be featured in an upcoming South Indian film as playback singers.

If your passion is SINGING….
If you dream to sing in your own ALBUM…
If you wish to take up singing to the next level…
If you see yourself as a PLAYBACK SINGER…


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