North East Breeze’s Reflection

North East Breeze - Assamese Music BandNorth East Breeze (NEB Records) presents their new album Reflection released on 8th Jan 2012, with a flavor of Eastern folk and western rock/metal fusion. All vocals are by their two lead vocalist Rupam and Tridip with Priyanku at the guitar, all keys/strings and harmonies composed and played by Munu, drums by Biraj and Assamese dhol, taal, nagara and percussions played by Maina with Bulbul at the bass.

North East Breeze band in association with Future Sounds will be offering their new album ‘Reflection’ for free download to all their music fans as a special bihu gift. The songs will be available as a free download to all FutureSounds facebook fans.

Thanks to all our friends, family members and listeners for their supports for making REFLECTION possible. This is what really we are, our thoughts, our ways to do things, our reflection – North East Breeze

Songs List

1. Aainam
Vocals – Rupam, Tridip
Lyrics – Tridip, Anupam
4. Lullaby
Vocals – Rupam, Tridip
Lyrics – Tridip 
7. Sera Dhek
Vocals – Rupam, Tridip
Lyrics – Tridip, Rupam
2. Bihu
Vocals – Rupam
Lyrics – Traditional
5. Maya Bhora
Vocals- Rupam
Lyrics- Rupam
8. Ulaahe Bhora
Vocals – Tridip, Rupam
Lyrics – Tridip
3. Gunj Rahi Hai
Vocals – Rupam
Lyrics – Gulzaar
6. Reflection
Vocals – Tridip
Lyrics – Tridip

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