Nostalgia Ityaaadi by Manash Mahanta

Nostalgia Etc.

When I was very young (say 5 years or so) my parents tried to put me to learn vocals. Well, they couldn’t keep smiling for long- Sundays, 9 am onwards; I had to watch Ramayana- that was my complaint. My parents played a lot of tricks with me and somehow made me go to the music school for around 4 months or so. I was doing good there- won a couple of certificates as well. But, enough was enough- they resigned to my will of not continuing music. I started to enjoy free Sundays- television and sports were much more fun.

You never repeat your mistakes if you’re wise. My parents had other ideas. They once again tried to engage me with music. This time in the form of an instrument (they thought I didn’t like singing). The instrument was ‘Khol’. For those ignorant- ‘Khol’ is a kind of percussion used in the Vaishnavite culture in the ‘Sattras’ or monasteries in Assam. My sister was learning ‘Sattriya’ Dance (the newest Indian Classical Dance- as amended in the year 2000) and I was put to learn the beats with her. I rebelled once again.

My parents never tried to make me musical after that day.

The gist is- I am not a trained musician.

Nostalgia Ityaaa by Manash Mahanta MP3 SongsAs the years went by my love for music started developing- as in, I started to love the company of music. In college, I met a few people who had some music in them- most of them were players, precisely guitarists.. My horizon of music widened when I started to know about World Culture. One fine day I was resolute enough to stick to my idea of getting a guitar and probably that was the turning point as far as my music is concerned. It was late in the year 2006- I was not too cash rich, though I got a professional acoustic guitar, so that I would feel guilty if I didn’t take it seriously.

I remember a friend of mine casually saying to me once, “You have a musician in you”. I liked the sound-effect of her sentence at that point in time, though honestly I didn’t get the depth of her words. I realised her depth of thought when naturally without putting any pressure or deadline we got one composition after another- more importantly totally original and honest compositions with our own words and design of music.

I met a few enthusiastic and mad but beautiful people who were hungry and thirsty. They had the hearts. By early 2007, we had a couple of composition ready to roll- but as it was to happen, we all were from different fields professionally and hence had to bid-adieu to our momentary moments of bliss as the materialistic things came calling.

Another year and a half went by. By mid 2008, I was sure in my mind that I had the content ready with me worth much more than an album and that was the right time to get into a recording studio- to actually see if we would sound good on record?

I was sure this time around that I will produce this album whatever be.

We took almost 8 months in 3 different studios in 3 different places to produce 8 supremely satisfying tracks. A whole lot of musicians- from the Grade As to the debutantes played to make our records more memorable. A whole lot of instruments were used- making it a lengthy and not-too-pocket-friendly experience, thought your dreams would not realise that easily; would they?

This album has been made over a period of two and a half years, with some sponsored help and all my savings. From September 2008 to September 2009, till the album got released, I was not working on any other project to solely concentrate on this.

Finally the moment came. 09-09-09. “Nostalgia Ityaaadi” released and went public.

Now it’s as much yours as mine. Thank you.

Manash Mahanta


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