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Jaanmoni (Janmoni) Anjana Assamese Bihu Collection 2009 – A collection of hit Assamese Bihu songs. Contains 32 Bihu songs in MP3 format. Now with album art and proper tags. Buy and download this album at Future Sounds.

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Song List

 Total Tracks: 32 Duration: 2h 43m 57s
1Tumi Baru JananeZubeen Garg5:29Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
2Bati BhoraiZubeen Garg4:50Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
3O Mur JanmoniZubeen Garg6:04Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
4Hai OseniZubeen Garg6:06Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
5Kahili PuwateZubeen Garg5:20Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
6Tumar BhaitiZubeen Garg5:18Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
7Fagun FagunZubeen Garg4:49Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
8Ejoni SuwaliZubeen Garg5:10Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
9Aahile BohagiZubeen Garg5:48Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
10Tumar LogotZubeen Garg4:44Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
11Kumol GaruZubeen Garg5:45Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
12Suta PokuwadiZubeen Garg4:22Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
13Saonor BorokhunZubeen Garg5:21Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
14Mone KibaZubeen Garg5:11Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
15Jaan OiZubeen Garg4:22Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
16Hai HaiZubeen Garg5:18Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
17Gose BoneZubeen Garg4:50Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
18Bhabile BhabonaZubeen Garg4:32Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
19Beka PosimoreZubeen Garg4:52Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
20Jaanmoni HopunotZubeen Garg5:44Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
21Hosa MoromZubeen Garg5:35Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
22Tumar BiyaZubeen Garg5:09Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
23Tumi Bhaat KhuwaZubeen Garg5:32Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
24NajaniluZubeen Garg4:37Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
25Dehar Bhaje BhajeZubeen Garg5:06Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
26Ketiyaba MajoniZubeen Garg5:03Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
27Log Puwar Kotha AsilZubeen Garg4:54Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
28Rati Mone MoneZubeen Garg5:39Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
29Phool Huwa HoleZubeen Garg4:48Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
30HapunotZubeen Garg5:11Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
31Lilimai OoiZubeen Garg4:05Jaanmoni Anjana 2009
32Janmoni Jeniye JauZubeen Garg4:23Jaanmoni Anjana 2009