About the Album

Kasijoon is the 8th solo album of Sanjeev Laskar. The title song has been specially choreographed by Anup Baruah (Photographer/Choreographer) which features actress Meghranjani and Neil. Composed and sung by Sanjeev Laskar, the album was released in March 2012. Buy and download this Assamese album at FutureSounds.


Sample Songs


Total Tracks: 12 Duration: 0h 59m 59s
1KasijoonSanjeev Lashkar5:02Kasijoon
2Ami KiSanjeev Lashkar5:17Kasijoon
3Tumi RodorSanjeev Lashkar4:54Kasijoon
4Duniyare DuniaSanjeev Lashkar5:19Kasijoon
5Jibone BisareSanjeev Lashkar5:40Kasijoon
6Hate HateSanjeev Lashkar5:22Kasijoon
7Hiyar KothaSanjeev Lashkar4:49Kasijoon
8Jodihe XukSanjeev Lashkar4:34Kasijoon
9Nixa NixaSanjeev Lashkar5:42Kasijoon
10Jote ToteSanjeev Lashkar4:24Kasijoon
11NamghoroteSanjeev Lashkar3:56Kasijoon
12O MoinaSanjeev Lashkar5:00Kasijoon