About the Album

Zubeen Garg’s new assamese album ROCK, released on 18 Oct 2012, celebrates 20 years of his musical journey through this musical album. Zubeen dedicates this album to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Mamoni Raisom Goswami and Hiren Bhattacharya. The album is a compilation of different genres of rock music. It is a full-fledged rock album and comprises 14 songs.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 14 Duration: 01h 11m 51s
1Eejak BoroxuneZubeen Garg5:32Rock
2Gaan DiyaZubeen Garg4:49Rock
3Tumi PrajapotiZubeen Garg4:26Rock
4SenoritaZubeen Garg, Gorisha4:50Rock
5Guri Guri HouZubeen Garg5:06Rock
6Jeeu TumiZubeen Garg4:39Rock
7Bokul Phoolar DoreZubeen Garg5:22Rock
8Dusokure NilimateZubeen Garg, Zublee Baruah4:53Rock
9Rajani GhukhorZubeen Garg6:03Rock
10Swadhinata Kot PalaZubeen Garg4:35Rock
11BismillahZubeen Garg5:40Rock
12Kajol KajolZubeen Garg5:08Rock
13Tip Tip JonakirZubeen Garg4:50Rock
14Rock You BabyZubeen Garg5:58Rock