About the Album

SAKNOIYA is a band of versatile dimension, composed of three entity- ANKU, MANASH and RAJU , in pursuit of composing melodious music with delicious tunes and rhythm along with a twist of western style. Saknoiya gives you a unique and beautiful collection of traditional folk songs of Bihu, Rabha, Borgeet, Thiyanam and a romantic one blend with modern, western theme. The title song Saknoiya itself is a semi classical one.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 08 Duration: 0h 41m 06s
1Hunti Hador OiAnku, Manash4:17Saknoiya
2Pratoxo SomoyeeAnkur6:54Saknoiya
3Roi Roi DhemaliAnkur5:03Saknoiya
4Kiba KibaAnkur5:12Saknoiya
5Eti Duti MorAnkur4:05Saknoiya
6Junor AkashAnkur5:30Saknoiya
8Tumi AhibaAnkur4:28Saknoiya