About the Album

This versatile singer with a golden voice is now ready with her latest offering — her new private album, titled Ure Pakhi Meli, that has eight soulful numbers. The album is an ode to the eternal human spirit, which wants to be set free and explore new dimensions. All the songs in the album have been beautifully sung and picturised to celebrate this spirit of freedom.

The title song Ure Pakhi Meli, penned by Kalpana Bhuyan and composed by JP Das, takes one in a freedom flight with its sweet melody. The song’s video, featuring Pragya Paromita, has been shot in picturesque locales in Shillong. The enveloping mist, the looming clouds, the breathtaking scenery, together with Paromita’s flawless act and Malabika’s ephemeral voice, lend the video an ethereal quality.

The song Nisha prati nisha has been written and composed by Bhupen Uzir. This romantic composition has been beautifully portrayed by Geetabali Rajkumari and Kapil Bora. Then, there is Huhuri mari nematibi, written by Babul Das and composed by Bipul Barua. This song is penned on the lines of a Malabika song that rode the popularity chart in the 1990s. Lyricist Babul Das has written this new song in the backdrop of a village and it is hoped that this song will also attain popularity as the old one. The song has been picturised in a village near Numaligarh, featuring Aasha Bordoloi and Vicky.

Jitul Sonowal has written and composed Jilmilia tomar, a romantic number. The song traces the journey of a young couple in love and tells how this love matures into a rich bond after marriage and children. Geetabali and Dipu here portray the multitude of emotions very aptly. The album also features Lahe lahe kari by Anup Barua. Zubeen Garg’s soul-stirring music and Malabika’s mellifluous voice make this song touch one’s heart. Zerifa Wahid beautifully portrays the character of a girl intensely in love.

The song Tumi Ahale Baat has been written and composed by Prasenjit Lahon. An essentially dance-based number, it captures Pragya Paromita and Rahul Bora’s graceful dance movements. Then, there is Mayukh Hazarika’s Rang rang bahu rang, the essence of the song being unity. It features the singer along with celebrities Mridula Barua and Moloya Goswami. Joy Chakravarty has written and composed the romantic number Marame dile abuj, defining the blossoming of love between a young couple. Nishita Goswami and Kapil Bora infuse life into the video with their lively performance.

**Excerpts from Assam Tribune

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 8 Duration: 0h 45m 4s
1Lahe Lahe KoriMalabika Bora5:04Ure Pakhi Meli
2Nixa Prati NixaMalabika Bora5:18Ure Pakhi Meli
3Ure Pakhi MeliMalabika Bora6:12Ure Pakhi Meli
4Morome Dile AabujMalabika Bora6:12Ure Pakhi Meli
5Tumi Ohale BaatMalabika Bora5:40Ure Pakhi Meli
6Xuhuri Mari NamatibiMalabika Bora5:56Ure Pakhi Meli
7Jhilmiliya TumarMalabika Bora6:13Ure Pakhi Meli
8Rang Rang Bohu RangMalabika Bora4:29Ure Pakhi Meli