About the Album

Uxhaa, an Assamese debut album by Kuldeep Suman with co-singer R.S.Pooja, produced by UK Entertainment. Music arranged and directed by Nayanmoni Barman.

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Song List

Total Tracks: 07 Duration: 0h 37m 16s
1UxhaaKuldeep Suman6:44Uxhaa
2XiyaleeKuldeep Suman5:26Uxhaa
3SoupaakhKuldeep Suman5:17Uxhaa
4Moi Tumak Bhal PauKuldeep Suman4:51Uxhaa
5Sokute DusokuKuldeep Suman5:19Uxhaa
6Diya DiyaKuldeep Suman4:58Uxhaa
7Nai NalageKuldeep Suman4:41Uxhaa