All albums on FutureSounds are available in digital download format. Future Sounds currently offers several free music album downloads along with paid albums downloads. Free albums are indicated by zero price and free download tag. Paid albums are indicated by the price on the website.

Future Sounds is an online music store/shop for Assamese and All Regional songs where we offer free song downloads and paid downloads. Future Sounds is a new concept and idea to redefine the North-east music industry and to bring music to the masses. Our endeavor is to bring every genre of music to the people including current Assamese heartthrob Zubeen Garg, new sensations Joi Barua, Angarag Mahanta (Papon), Dikshu, Zublee, all new upcoming artist, evergreen melodies of Bhupen Hazarika, Jayanta Hazarika, Jitul Sonowal and many more…

Why Future Sounds – We offer music downloads of the highest quality and standards. All our music albums and downloads are legitimate and we are the only authorized online e-retailer.

Listen & Buy

Listen to your favourite tracks and albums at Future Sounds before you decide to buy. Sample songs are available for each album to help you decide and choose. Browse through all the available albums, listen to individual tracks and order. Sample songs are of duration 30-60 secs only.
Order single or multiple albums. Some albums are also available in free download.
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Currently we accept all major INDIAN Debit Cards, Netbanking, VISA and Mastercards. We also accept International VISA and Mastercards for all our international customers, however additional fees apply for International cards. We plan to add more payment options to our customers in the coming future. The payments are secured and we assure a complete satisfaction guarantee. To check the complete payment options and more information on payment, please visit the Payment Options page.

How to Sell

If you want to upload your music album/songs to Future Sounds for free/paid downloading, please refer to the following user guide to prepare your audio files as per our requirement.

Free Registration

Registration is free, join the Future Sounds band of followers! Register to receive exclusive news and updates about new and upcoming Assamese albums, get a exclusive preview to new songs and albums! Be the first to know, register today and become a member of our exclusive Future Sounds club!Register Free FutureSounds


All albums are priced very reasonably and competitively. Albums are priced depending on the format and quality of the tracks available for download.
Song Prices


Once your payment is confirmed, an email with the download link will be automatically sent to you or you can download the items from the Members Area. The Download Area is available to members to download all purchased items. If your download area is not updated or not working, send us an email and we will ensure that its resolved at the earliest. It is recommended to use a Download Manager and Broadband Internet connection to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted download.

I am not able to proceed to the Bank Payment screen/website is not connecting/page is blank or receive an error message

Once you complete the order on and proceed to the Bank’s website for payment, the payment can fail for various reasons

  • Bank website is down
  • Internet connection is slow, disconnected during payment
  • Browser issues. Try switching to a different browser to make the payment, Firefox 4+ is recommended
  • Error message encountered, again try switching browsers
  • If for any reason the payment fails, please proceed to Manage Account and again process the payment again (see FAQ No.8)
Payment Transaction failure message
  • The payment can fail for various reasons (see FAQ No.9)
  • If for any reason the payment fails, please proceed to Manage Account and process the payment again(see FAQ No.8)
Payment Transaction failed but amount debited from Bank account
  • Due to system error the transaction might fail and in very rare scenario if amount gets debited from Bank account
  • Please wait for 24-48 hrs for auto reversal
  • If reversal does not happen, please email [email protected] with Order details and screenshot of bank account screen or bank statement
How can I get a discount coupon code
  • Often we run promotional offers and provide discount coupons to our customers to avail discount or download albums for free
  • Check our Facebook page for any currently running discounts and offers
  • Register at our website to receive notifications whenever we run any offer
  • Like us on Facebook as we run exclusive offers only for our Facebook fans
  • Discount coupons are account specific and can be applied only once per customer
Do you offer Free Downloads
  • Often we run promotional offers and provide free downloads to our customers or provide discount coupons which can be applied to download an album for free
  • Albums under the Free Downloads category or with Zero price can be downloaded free
  • Check our Facebook page for any currently running discounts and offers
  • Register at our website to receive notifications whenever we run any offer and provide free downloads
  • Like us on Facebook as we run exclusive offers only for our Facebook fans
  • To download a free album, Register first
  • Click on Buy Album. Price will be zero and you will not be required to pay. Complete the order to redeem the free download. Download the album from Your Account. An email with the download link will also be sent
Will you send a physical CD? How can I download the songs I paid?
  • No, we do not ship or send physical CD unless the product description specifies that the sale is for a physical product. All albums are in digital(MP3) format and can only be downloaded
  • After you purchase and complete the order/payment, you can download the album from your Account page (See FAQ No.7 )
  • An email with the download link will also be sent to your email address
  • The download link is valid for 3 downloads and 5 days only after which the link will expire and you cannot download the album again
  • Please use a download manager to ensure the download is uninterrupted and complete
I am not able to download/download link or ID not working
  • If you receive a message ‘Invalid Download ID’, please login to your account to check if the download is active and then download the album
  • The download link/ID will be valid for only 3 downloads and 5 days after which it will expire
  • Please use a download manager to ensure the download is uninterrupted and complete
  • It is recommended that you use a broadband Internet connection for smooth downloading
  • If download link expires or becomes invalid within 5 days of order, please email [email protected] with your Order No.
Why are the prices high on the website?
  • Our endeavor is to provide the best price to our customers
  • The prices of the albums have been kept considering various factors including hardware cost, infrastructure cost, maintenance cost, payment gateway cost, royalty fees, etc.
  • We are constantly trying to rework the prices depending on the volume of sale and agreement with copyright owners
Is your website and downloads legitimate and legal?
  • Yes, all our downloads are legitimate and genuine
  • We have taken approval and consent from each copyright owner of the albums
  • Royalty fees are being paid for every download
Why should I pay and download when we can download for free from other websites?
  • Any website offering free download of any song or album is likely to be illegal and pirated
  • The price that you pay for an album is negligible compared to the hard work, effort and cost that has gone into the production of the song
  • The price of an album has been kept very low so that every customer can afford to buy and enjoy the music
  • If you pay for any music album, royalty is paid to the artist which supports and encourages them to bring out more creative work
  • Every drop makes an ocean, so your contribution definitely matters to the artist and each one of us can make a difference by paying for what we love so that our music industry does not suffer
Can I share the songs/albums purchased from Future Sounds with anyone/website?
  • No. The files are only meant for personal use and bound by copyright laws
  • You cannot redistribute the files without the explicit consent of the copyright owners
  • We track every sale and file through various means and records are captured by the bank, payment gateway and by our system. Any user found using the files for commercial purpose or uploading the songs on unauthorized websites are likely to be prosecuted. If required by law, we will provide information to law agencies for tracking purposes
The website is not displaying correctly or not working as expected
  • The website is best viewed using a Firefox 4+ browser, however Internet Explorer 7+/Opera is also supported
  • Internet Explorer 6 browser is not supported, please upgrade to a modern browser to view the website properly
  • The website is not optimized for mobile browsers
  • We welcome feedback and suggestions to improve your browsing experience. For any issues encountered while browsing, please report any problems using the Contact Us page or from the link at the bottom of this page


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