About the Album

A collection modern Assamese songs by Mahendra Hazarika and Chayanika Bhuyan. Music arranged by Arup Dutta. Listen to the songs online, buy and download the album at Future Sounds.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 8 Duration: 41m 19s
1Jur PatiMahendra Hazarika5:40Belitu Murote Loi
2GaonkhonMahendra Hazarika5:25Belitu Murote Loi
3Aanguli KatisilMahendra Hazarika4:55Belitu Murote Loi
4Aamar Siring SaporiMahendra Hazarika4:52Belitu Murote Loi
5Rohedo OiMahendra Hazarika5:43Belitu Murote Loi
6Guhalit GoruhaalMahendra Hazarika5:01Belitu Murote Loi
7Xoanor PotharotMahendra Hazarika5:06Belitu Murote Loi
8MoromjanMahendra Hazarika4:37Belitu Murote Loi