About the Album

The debut album from Dikshu featuring the superhit song ‘Tumi Jodi Kuwa’. Also featuring Suman and Bobita as co-singers. Music by Palash Gogoi, Lyrics by Palash and Diganta Bharati. Listen, buy and download the album online at Future Sounds.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 9 Duration: 42m 17s
1Tumi Jodi KuwaDikshu5:52Champion
2Noi Boi JaiDikshu4:06Champion
3Morom BukureDikshu4:41Champion
4Tur Ronga PoraDikshu4:30Champion
5Tumi Jodi Kuwa (Remix)Dikshu4:32Champion
6Hopune BisareDikshu5:06Champion
7Sa Re Ga MaDikshu4:28Champion
8Birinar MajoteDikshu5:31Champion
9Tumi Mukhot HanileDikshu3:31Champion