About the Album

Hengool Theatre brings out yet another impressive collection of Assamese songs featuring the new genre of Assamese artists Joi Barua and Angarag Mahanta (Papon), the evergreen and popular Zubeen and the melodious Zublee. The result is an explosive collection of songs which is bound to captivate and appeal to all music lovers across all generations.

The album includes the Assamese song ‘Khiriki’ by Joi Barua, ‘Dum Dum’ by Zubeen and ‘Morisika’ by Angarag Mahanta.



Sample Songs


Total Tracks: 13 Duration: 58m 55s
1KhirikiJoi Barua4:00Hengool Theatre 2011-12
2Dum DumZubeen Garg3:07Hengool Theatre 2011-12
3Chuma ChumaDikshu-Zublee4:14Hengool Theatre 2011-12
4MorisikaAngarag Mahanta3:38Hengool Theatre 2011-12
5Eaiya KiZubeen-Pranamika5:44Hengool Theatre 2011-12
6Suti EraArupjyoti Baruah6:10Hengool Theatre 2011-12
7Hai HaiRupam-Neer4:23Hengool Theatre 2011-12
8Somok (slow)Rakesh3:02Hengool Theatre 2011-12
9TomokhaChandan-Pranjal6:09Hengool Theatre 2011-12
10Khiriki (unplugged)Joi Barua4:05Hengool Theatre 2011-12
11Mone MoneRohit-Pranamika4:30Hengool Theatre 2011-12
12Akaxor NijanoteChandan-Pranamika-Arupjyoti4:15Hengool Theatre 2011-12
13SomokChandan5:38Hengool Theatre 2011-12