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Jaanmoni (Janmoni) Anjana Bihu Collection 2007 – A collection of hit Assamese bihu songs. Contains 48 bihu songs in MP3 format. Now with album art and proper tags. Buy and download this album at Future Sounds.

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Song List

Total Tracks: 48 Duration: 4h 20m 10s
1Mon ChengeliyaZubeen Garg5:35Jaanmoni – Anjana
2Tumak Kotha EtiZubeen Garg4:36Jaanmoni – Anjana
3Nila NilaZubeen Garg4:59Jaanmoni – Anjana
4Teteli PotiyaZubeen Garg5:41Jaanmoni – Anjana
5Raati RaatiZubeen Garg5:05Jaanmoni – Anjana
6Matisa JodiZubeen Garg5:24Jaanmoni – Anjana
7Duti SakurZubeen Garg4:40Jaanmoni – Anjana
8Morom Ki NajanaZubeen Garg4:39Jaanmoni – Anjana
9Jabor PeluwadiZubeen Garg5:11Jaanmoni – Anjana
10Bukute KolZubeen Garg4:54Jaanmoni – Anjana
11AloxuwaZubeen Garg5:59Jaanmoni – Anjana
12Bukure BinoniZubeen Garg6:05Jaanmoni – Anjana
13Barir SukorZubeen Garg4:42Jaanmoni – Anjana
14Dehi OiZubeen Garg5:24Jaanmoni – Anjana
15BoioxoreZubeen Garg5:41Jaanmoni – Anjana
16Mati MahZubeen Garg5:48Jaanmoni – Anjana
17Nodi BarhileZubeen Garg6:24Jaanmoni – Anjana
18Hate Nu Meli MeliZubeen Garg5:54Jaanmoni – Anjana
19Sou HidinaZubeen Garg5:04Jaanmoni – Anjana
20Jane SakaluweZubeen Garg5:05Jaanmoni – Anjana
21Moromore MoinajaanZubeen Garg5:49Jaanmoni – Anjana
22Monore PhuloniteZubeen Garg5:23Jaanmoni – Anjana
23Dur DurZubeen Garg5:17Jaanmoni – Anjana
24Mur Jaan KolijaZubeen Garg5:55Jaanmoni – Anjana
25Abegore NodiZubeen Garg5:40Jaanmoni – Anjana
26Haape Khut MarileZubeen Garg4:30Jaanmoni – Anjana
27Ronga Koi GaalZubeen Garg6:01Jaanmoni – Anjana
28Ooi BhukatZubeen Garg6:21Jaanmoni – Anjana
29Uroniya MonokeZubeen Garg5:38Jaanmoni – Anjana
30Jiban NamorZubeen Garg5:01Jaanmoni – Anjana
31KolijatuZubeen Garg5:35Jaanmoni – Anjana
32Cheni MaiZubeen Garg5:10Jaanmoni – Anjana
33Phool PhooliseZubeen Garg4:48Jaanmoni – Anjana
34NuxudhibaZubeen Garg5:39Jaanmoni – Anjana
35Nakhon BuliZubeen Garg5:19Jaanmoni – Anjana
36Morom LogaZubeen Garg5:49Jaanmoni – Anjana
37Hera BhoniZubeen Garg6:02Jaanmoni – Anjana
38Moi NojonakeZubeen Garg4:43Jaanmoni – Anjana
39Aalohi HoiZubeen Garg5:35Jaanmoni – Anjana
40Phool MorohileZubeen Garg6:04Jaanmoni – Anjana
41Kune Mule Ghuri SaaleZubeen Garg5:24Jaanmoni – Anjana
42Saunore PotharotZubeen Garg5:24Jaanmoni – Anjana
43Kothal Khaboli BhoiZubeen Garg4:50Jaanmoni – Anjana
44AnguthiZubeen Garg5:53Jaanmoni – Anjana
45Ko Hka Ga GhaZubeen Garg5:26Jaanmoni – Anjana
46Ram Chandra Nohou Je MoiZubeen Garg6:16Jaanmoni – Anjana
47Jau Buli JaboleZubeen Garg4:37Jaanmoni – Anjana
48Alu Pitikadi Mure MoromZubeen Garg5:11Jaanmoni – Anjana