About the Album

Rumaal (Rumal) – A collection of Assamese modern and romantic songs from Zubeen Garg. The song ‘Tumi Hubakh’ is a tribute to Kala Guru Bishnu Prasad Rabha and together with good lyrics makes this song more meaningful.

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Song List

Total Tracks: 8 Duration: 0h 43m 8s
1Duporor MuhanatZubeen Garg4:54Rumaal
2Rumaal RumaalZubeen Garg6:05Rumaal
3Aai Mur OiZubeen Garg5:20Rumaal
4OmanikhaZubeen Garg6:01Rumaal
5Tumi HubakhZubeen Garg6:24Rumaal
6Ki Dore RokhaiZubeen Garg5:19Rumaal
7Hai Hai Mari DilaZubeen Garg4:34Rumaal
8Swargo Deo SukafaZubeen Garg4:31Rumaal