About the Album

A collection of melodious Assamese romantic songs by Dikshu. Music by Palash Gogoi. Listen, buy and download the album online at Future Sounds.


Sample Songs


Total Tracks: 10 Duration: 45m 02s
1Barikhare BorokhuneDikshu5:03Saneki
2Tangali Bandhibore HolDikshu4:57Saneki
3Beli Ulabo JotDikshu4:28Saneki
4Dusokute KinuDikshu4:29Saneki
5Tata Bye Tata Bye (Appa Gel)Dikshu4:04Saneki
6Mon SanekiDikshu3:48Saneki
7Soi Diya GariDikshu3:57Saneki
8Para Jodi KobasunDikshu4:51Saneki
9Sila Uribole Muru Mon JaiDikshu3:58Saneki
10Barikhare Borokhune (Remix)Dikshu5:27Saneki