About the Album

Collection of various superhit Assamese songs sung by Malabika Bora.

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Song List

Total Tracks: 30 Duration: 2h 16m 33s
1DaxamorMalabika Bora4:25Golden Hits
2Bisarilu Xunor KhoniMalabika Bora4:28Golden Hits
3JodiMalabika Bora5:42Golden Hits
4SoraitiMalabika Bora3:10Golden Hits
5PosuwaMalabika Bora4:17Golden Hits
6Xuhuri Mari NamatibiMalabika Bora3:41Golden Hits
7JunakoteMalabika Bora5:41Golden Hits
8RongereMalabika Bora4:55Golden Hits
9Kapau Fulil Tagar FulilMalabika Bora5:06Golden Hits
10Mon Mur Aji Hol HahakarMalabika Bora5:27Golden Hits
11Purnota Prakash HoleMalabika Bora5:06Golden Hits
12Senehore Dusoku JasiliMalabika Bora4:39Golden Hits
13RuwaMalabika Bora5:22Golden Hits
14Kane Kane KolehiMalabika Bora3:40Golden Hits
15AkoleMalabika Bora4:12Golden Hits
16Jil Mil JunakorMalabika Bora4:34Golden Hits
17Tulixir Tole ToleMalabika Bora4:25Golden Hits
18BhoraMalabika Bora3:47Golden Hits
19NikhaMalabika Bora4:35Golden Hits
20Epahi Bokule AkulMalabika Bora4:54Golden Hits
21AkaxotMalabika Bora3:51Golden Hits
22BolaMalabika Bora4:57Golden Hits
23KikaruMalabika Bora3:48Golden Hits
24BotaheMalabika Bora4:29Golden Hits
25SirojugomiyaMalabika Bora4:01Golden Hits
26He He He Dhole DagoreMalabika Bora4:12Golden Hits
27AmarMalabika Bora3:09Golden Hits
28Ish Khat KoMalabika Bora6:10Golden Hits
29Mon Ajj MeraMalabika Bora5:08Golden Hits
30Jhoom Jhoom GayeMalabika Bora4:42Golden Hits