About the Album

Maya – Another smash hit by Zubeen Garg in 1994, which took him to the the heights of popularity with no looking back. ‘Maya’ created a craze among the masses with it’s spellbound music and freshly composed tune.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 08 Duration: 0h 41m 03s
1MayaZubeen Garg5:08Maya
2Niribili GodhuliZubeen Garg, Kabita Krishnamurthy4:38Maya
3JonakeZubeen Garg5:50Maya
4Phulare XojaluKabita Krishnamurthy4:55Maya
5Doore DooreZubeen Garg5:30Maya
6UjagoreZubeen Garg, Kabita Krishnamurthy4:51Maya
7Junak GolaZubeen Garg5:39Maya
8UnnmonaZubeen Garg4:32Maya