About the Album

Mur Morome Morom Bisari Jai – A collection of modern Assamese songs by Bhupen Hazarika. Music and tune by Bhupen Hazarika. Listen, Buy and Download the album online at Future Sounds.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 13 Duration: 1h 1m 57s
1Jik Mik DewalirBhupen Hazarika4:10Morome Morom Bisari
2O Mur Dharitri AaiBhupen Hazarika4:10Morome Morom Bisari
3Morome Morom BisariBhupen Hazarika4:49Morome Morom Bisari
4Sahid Pranamu TumarBhupen Hazarika6:43Morome Morom Bisari
5Jiban SindhuBhupen Hazarika3:57Morome Morom Bisari
6Mur Gaatu DekhunBhupen Hazarika4:14Morome Morom Bisari
7Atitor BuronjeeBhupen Hazarika5:24Morome Morom Bisari
8Juiye Pura TirakhirBhupen Hazarika6:31Morome Morom Bisari
9Hanhi KandunereBhupen Hazarika3:46Morome Morom Bisari
10Romoke JomokeBhupen Hazarika5:13Morome Morom Bisari
11Udakh Udakh MonBhupen Hazarika4:13Morome Morom Bisari
12Aaji Jibanor BaatBhupen Hazarika3:45Morome Morom Bisari
13Muk Ekhon Boga ManuhBhupen Hazarika5:02Morome Morom Bisari