About the Album

A collection of modern Assamese romantic songs featuring the melodious voices of duet Jitul Sonowal and Kavita Krishnamurthy. Tune/Music by Jitul Sonowal and Music Arrangement by Toufique and Piyush. Listen, buy and download the album online at Future Sounds.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 8 Duration: 46m 3s
1Sokur BhakhaJitul Sonowal5:45Natun Lahar
2Mon Aajiyei DiyanaJitul Sonowal – Kavita6:27Natun Lahar
3Bukur Majot JoleJitul Sonowal – Kavita5:26Natun Lahar
4Hekh Hol AndharJitul Sonowal5:32Natun Lahar
5Xuworoni Bukut JolaiJitul Sonowal6:04Natun Lahar
6Monot GuponeJitul Sonowal – Kavita4:42Natun Lahar
7Korenu PokhilajoniJitul Sonowal – Kavita6:21Natun Lahar
8Jodi KetiyabaJitul Sonowal5:46Natun Lahar