About the Album

Ruby Visions presents ‘Rishang’ – the superhit Assamese Feature Film directed by Manas Barua is now available for download at FutureSounds. Produced by Pallavi Barua, Music by Jatin Sharma (Maina and Aniruddha Baruah), playback by Zubeen Garg, Raj Jyoti Konwar, Dikshu, Bob Omelo and Zublee. Listen to sample songs, buy and download the album at Future Sounds.


Sample Songs


Total Tracks: 08 Duration: 0h 33m 38s
1Warrior of LoveRaj Jyoti Konwar, Bob Omelo3:48Rishang
2Xukula XukulaDikshu, Zublee5:00Rishang
3Deha DhuniyaZubeen, Zublee4:27Rishang
4O Rini RiniDikshu, Zublee5:19Rishang
5JananeDikshu, Zublee4:09Rishang
6Jor EjaakZubeen Garg4:34Rishang
7Flight of LoveRishang’s Love Theme1:38Rishang
8Xukula XukulaSunshine Mix by Jatin Sharma4:43Rishang