About the Album

ASHA – a superhit album by Zubeen Garg after his hit album MAYA. It was released in 1995. Music done by Utpal Sharma. All the songs of the album sung by Zubeen Garg. Singer Sabita Sharma has also lent her voice in this album.

Sample Songs

Song List

Total Tracks: 08 Duration: 0h 39m 07s
1AshaZubeen Garg4:16Asha
2Tumi Jodi KuwaZubeen Garg, Sabita Sharma4:27Asha
3Meghor BoronSabita Sharma5:49Asha
4Jolila PurilaZubeen Garg5:03Asha
5Aami JenZubeen Garg, Sabita Sharma5:14Asha
6Tumi Jana NeZubeen Garg4:49Asha
7Mur MonZubeen Garg, Sabita Sharma4:46Asha
8Abhimani MonZubeen Garg4:43Asha